Raising Supaman
A collection of beautifully written letters.

In October 1994, Nathaniel Turner received news that left him petrified and ecstatic - he was going to be a father. Turner was inexperienced and unprepared. There was no guidebook on how to be a father. Determined to defy stereotypes and to be a great father, Turner created his own parenting manual.

This book  is loaded with practical, insightful and useful tips to help parents.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why parents must continuously develop, maintain and improve parenting skills.
  • How to seek help for a child without feeling embarrassed or reluctant.
  •  How every child can be great if parents follow a few simple rules.
  •  How easy it is to provide children with the opportunity to maximize their intellectual ability, become societal assets and dreamers who move the world forward.
  • Why great children don’t happen by accident.
  • Which tools to use to help children succeed well beyond national averages and in spite of historical and communal expectations
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  • This book shares the impact of a Father confirming his son in writing letters of affirmation, love and encouragement.  Such a powerful legacy to leave to your children.  I highly recommend this book  and hope those reading it will begin writing letters to their children. "

    Carol Henry

    WKTO President
  • Nathaniel Turner's Raising Supaman is not just a sweet and loving gift to his son, but is also a true gift to all fathers and sons everywhere. I can find no better example of how to teach the fine arts of fatherhood  to any man, or manliness to any boy…"

    John David Wells

    Host of The Wells Report
  • ...His  writing skills are excellent - clear, concise and easy to read.  Raising Supaman is an excellent addition to any dad’s library, and will bring fresh perspective into this role we as fathers have in raising responsible, prepared and successful children."

    Wayne Parker

    Writer for About.com Fatherhood
  • ”The book is beautifully written and full of sound, heart-felt advice and guidance from father to son."

    Kimberly L. Jackson 

    Editor, At Home New Jersey

Nathaniel A. Turner

About the Author

My name is Nathaniel A. Turner.  Those close to me: family and friends refer to me as Nate.  I was born and raised in Indiana and continue to be a resident at this time.  Many would consider me a bit of an eclectic, perhaps even a modern renaissance man.  I have degrees in Accounting, Theology, History and Law and those degrees range from bachelors to doctorate.  I am a striving vegan.  I have been a vegetarian for more than 25 years.  I am a fan of Florida State University football, the University of Kentucky basketball, the New England Patriots, and the Miami Heat.

Enough about me though, the real reason that you are visiting this is because I am the father of Supaman.  Yes, the most important thing that I have ever done was being blessed to be the father of a most amazing young man whom I affectionately refer to as Supaman.  My experiences learning to be a father have helped me accumulate a great deal of information that I believe others may find useful.  Fatherhood is the best job in the world but it is also the most challenging job I have ever had.  To that end, I believe the experiences that I have had combined with the wealth of parenting information that I have accumulated may serve as an instructional manual for those hoping to give their children the best they have to give.